On Spa baths, ozone cleaning has many advantages.

On spa baths, ozone cleaning has many advantages.

Ozone disinfection consists of integrating an ozone lamp into the circuit of the various air systems. This process, an air / ozone mixture, optimizes hygiene and water quality during your balneotherapy sessions.

Ozone prevents the development of any bacteria in the pipes - a few drops of ozone can be added at the end of the treatment in the bath water if the latter does not have such a disinfection system.

Ozone being one of the most powerful natural oxidants, it has been included in the whirlpool bath cleaning system in order to meet the specificities of demanding markets and guarantee perfect hygiene with each use.

This high-performance maintenance system, specifically developed for the maintenance of whirlpool bathtubs, ensures perfect hygiene of the circuits and pipes of the whirlpool system and prolongs the life of the bathtubs.

Ozone in balneotherapy: an effective natural disinfectant

Disinfectant chemicals tend to attack bathtub shells over time. Ozone, thanks to its disinfectant, antibacterial and antifungal properties, significantly reduces its use.

Indeed, ozone is a biocide that regulates odors, kills viruses and eradicates bacteria up to 99%. In addition, ozone purifies the water and rids it of organic matter that may have accumulated there; ozone is also used to transform wastewater into drinking water. Oil and soap residues and the deposit that can form at the level of the water line on the walls of the spa bath are thus perfectly eliminated.

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