The benefits of balneotherapy

Already used in Antiquity for the benefits it provides, balneotherapy heals the body and soothes the mind. The Romans were followers of this type of freshwater treatment and had already seen the benefits. Today, specialized establishments are multiplying to provide the general public with quality balneotherapy treatments and it is even possible to take advantage of the virtues of balneotherapy at home thanks to suitable equipment, such as Tropicspa jacuzzi bathtubs which will promote real values. of relaxation by their action at the physiological level.

What is the principle of balneotherapy?

Balneotherapy is a treatment technique that relies on both the bath and hydro massage. It consists of immersing the body in fresh water heated between 31 and 36 ° and treating different parts of the body (feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders, etc.) by massages and pressures under the action of jets and of bubbles. Hot water causes the pores of the skin to dilate, relaxes the muscles and allows perfect relaxation, combined in particular with the effects of massage.

The effects of balneotherapy: both physical and psychological

La balnéothérapie s’adresse à tous, petits et grands, hommes ou femmes, et apporte des effets thérapeutiques chez de nombreuses personnes. En effet, la combinaison de la chaleur et de l’hydro massage va procurer une sensation de bien-être inégalée, mais également véritablement agir sur certaines pathologies physiologiques et psychologiques, et notamment sur les douleurs musculaires, articulaires, le stress ou encore la dépression.

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